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Impaired Drivers End Up Here!


January 24, 2013

Charlottetown Police Services has seen an increase in the number of people arrested in 2012 for impaired driving. In an effort to address the issue within our community we have met with senior staff, and analyzed the data relating to impaired driving arrests. Analysis of this data has led to the development of a mufti-component strategy in an effort to reduce the number of impaired drivers in our community. Police have determined from 2012 data when and where the majority of impaired drivers were arrested, the corresponding month and day, time of day, gender, conviction rate, origin of complaint, and percentage of repeat offenders. Part of the strategy to be implemented will involve an increased presence in problem areas identified from data analysis, and road checks in these predetermined areas. Educational awareness targeted at night clubs and liquor outlets. Awareness will include posters, traditional and electronic, placed within night clubs and liquor outlets. Also we have included a prominent logo on our Police van. Charlottetown Police will also be partnering with the P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission on an awareness program. Our objective is to reduce the number of impaired drivers by proactive enforcement, and to foster a change in attitude towards drinking and driving as socially acceptable. Individuals who insist on driving while impaired must be made appreciate there are consequences for their actions. Charlottetown Police Services would also like to thank the public for their continued support in reporting potential impaired drivers...combating drinking and driving requires a total team effort.  photo POLICEPOSTERVER3_zps7339799d.jpg

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