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Secret Shopper Scam Alert


July 8, 2016

Recently victim's received calls from an individual saying they represented an industry research group to survey customer satisfaction through a secret shopper program. Victim's received another call stating they would be hiring her and their company would send her a package with all the employment details as a secret shopper. Less than a week later she received a courier package congaing a cheque for approximately $5,000 with instructions. She was to cash the cheque into her own account, keep $600 for the first pay week and take take $300 and go to a list of several local stores. Once at the indicated stores victim was instructed to purchase items and then fill out an enclosed customer satisfaction form. Next step in the instructed process involved proceeding to Western Union and money transfer the remaining money from the original cheque to their company, and also to fill out an enclosed customer satisfaction form on Western Union. THIS WAS A SCAM, THE CHEQUE ORIGINALLY SENT WAS FRAUDULENT.

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