Chief Sterns Webster 1963-1974

Sterns Webster was born in Covehead, P.E.I. on June 10th,
1913. He and his family moved to Charlottetown when he was
5 years old at which time they resided at 9 King Square. He joined the Charlottetown Police force in 1939 when he was 26.

An interesting case involving Sterns Webster (when he was a constable on the force) was his role in arresting the two men who murdered a Charlottetown man and ended up being the last two men ever hung on Prince Edward Island. Cst. Webster and his partner Cst. Anthony Lund were on the beat on the night of Jan 30th, 1941 when they came across an unlocked front door at Trainor’s Meat Market. Upon entering the store they came across Fred Phillips and Earl Lund inside. After arresting them, the officers turned the lights on to find a bloody trail leading to the back of the store where they found the body of the store’s owner, 78-year-old Peter Trainor. Their trial began in June, 1941 and after being found guilty, they were hung in a double hanging on August 20th, 1941. Cst. Webster watched the two men hang and described it as “the cruelest darn thing I ever seen”.

On August 9th, 1955 Sterns was promoted to Deputy Chief of Police. This was the same month his son Don joined the RCMP as a recruit and ironically, Don was making more money than his father!

Sterns was promoted to the top position, Chief of Police on Feb 1st, 1963 – a position he held until his retirement on August 3rd, 1974.

During his career, Sterns served as a member of the Traffic Section and the Plain Clothes Section of the Department. He was also awarded the 35-year medal. 

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