Police Reports

Charges pending – Single MVC on Belvedere Avenue

March 27, 2018

File Number: 2018394863

Charlottetown Police Services responded to a single motor vehicle collision which occurred in the roundabout on Belvedere Avenue at 3:30am this morning.

Investigators believe a contributing factor to the accident was that the vehicle windows were only partially cleared of ice that had accumulated overnight. Only partial areas of the windows were cleared leaving the remainder of the windows ice covered and obstructing the drivers view and ability to safely drive the vehicle.

The driver may be charged under the Highway Traffic Act which prohibits driving a motor vehicle when “any of the windows/windshield are so covered, either completely or partially by snow, ice, mist, dirt or other matter that the vision of the driver is obscured or obstructed”.

Charlottetown Police are reminding the public that even though spring is around the corner, please take a moment to clear your vehicle windows, the consequences of not doing so could be significant.

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