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Counterfeit Money

February 4, 2010

File Number: File #10-116649

10:00am A local Charlottetown buisness reported recieving counterfeit money from a patron. The money was seized and is being investigated.

Police response

February 4, 2010

Police responded to several accidents as well as alarms throughout the night shift...

Assault at Chem Free Dance

February 4, 2010

File Number: File#10-115794

11:30pm   A Charlottetown youth reported to Police she had been assaulted at a Chem Free dance at a local downtown Charlottetown club. The youth recieved minor injuries and Police are investigating.

Break Enter & Theft

February 4, 2010

File Number: File#10-115481

9:12pm  A West Royalty man reported his home broken into and several items stolen. A large sum of money, a WII console and 2 controllers, as well as several gift cards...more

Assist EMS

February 1, 2010

File Number: File#10-114712

5:47pm  Police responded to a downtown residence as a 41 year old male had taken a seizure and was behind a locked door. Responding Officers broke in the door and the ...more


February 1, 2010

File Number: File#10-113909

2:45pm  A 22 year old Charlottetown Woman reported being assaulted at a  local lounge in the downtown area, by a 23 year old local male. Police are investigating the allegations at this time.

Break Enter & Theft

February 1, 2010

File Number: File# 10-112467

8:43am  Police responded to a break, enter and theft from an office in the Civic Center.  The theft occurred sometime between Saturday evening and 8am this morning. A ...more

Break & Enter Suspect Remanded

January 31, 2010

The 24 year old female from the break & enter early Sunday morning was taken before a Justice of the Peace today and remanded into custody until her Show Cause trial later this week.

Typical Sunday

January 31, 2010

Police responded to several false alarms, 2 Motor Vehicle Accidents, damage to property calls, and thefts from Motor Vehicles in the downtown core. Police are very ple...more

Youths Returned

January 31, 2010

File Number: 10-108801

Charlottetown Police were able to locate three youths reported AWOL from a local Group Home. They were subsequently returned without incident.

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