Police Reports


Busy Morning

March 19, 2010

 March 19th, 2010 Police responded to a number of calls throughout  the city from Parking complaints to stolen vehicles.Tickets were issued to those parked illegally ...more

Busy Day for Police

March 19, 2010

On March 18, police had a busy day shift including multiple reports of thefts, frauds, traffic collisions, graffiti and various damage to propety complaints. 


March 18, 2010

File Number: #10-283114

Police are investigating a theft of a License Plate that occurred on Walthen Drive. Police advise the public to be aware of any suspicious person(s) in the area.


March 18, 2010

File Number: #10-282539

A male was charged with Damage to Property after attending a residence with a bat and smashing out windows. The male was intoxicated at the time was held in custody over night.


March 18, 2010

File Number: #10-282997

Police responded to a complaint of damage to property in Lewis Point Park area. A male had approached a house and kicked in the front door and took off running. The m...more

Stolen DVD's

March 17, 2010

File Number: 10-281471

A twenty-four-year-old Charlottetown female was arrested for stealing in excess of forty DVD movies from a local gas station. The property was recovered and she was l...more

Damaged Vehicle

March 17, 2010

File Number: 10-280016

Police received a report of damage to a vehicle in the 400 block of University Avenue overnight Tuesday. Anyone with information is asked to contact 629-4172.

Impaired Driver

March 17, 2010

File Number: #10-279583

Police responded to a call from the public that there was a possible impaired driver in the Burger King parking lot. Police located the suspect vehicle. As result of ...more

Hit and Run

March 17, 2010

File Number: #10-279087

Police are investigating a hit and run that occurred on Spring Street. The suspect vehicle is red Dodge Ram truck with a white or silver stripe with possible damage t...more

Warrant of Arrest

March 16, 2010

File Number: 10-23490

The Charlottetown Police Services Street Crime Unit executed a Warrant on Leo Joseph Provost at a residence in Mermaid. Provost was taken into custody without inciden...more

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