Police Reports


Breach of Undertaking/Break and Enter

March 15, 2010

File Number: - 269484

Police responded to a domestic complaint. A male was arrested for Breach of Undertaking and Break and Enter. The male was held in custody to go before a Justice of the Peace in the morning.

Break and Enter

March 14, 2010

File Number: #10- 269149

Police are investigating a Break and Enter that occurred on Spring Park Road. Witnesses described the male to be late 20's to early 30's, 5'6-5'8 stockey build. The m...more

Busy Friday

March 12, 2010

Police responded to 26 calls during the day shift, including 3 motor vehicle accidents (1 man taken to hospital due to injuries), 4 theft/shoplifting calls, 3 calls r...more

Assist EMS

March 12, 2010

File Number: 10-261290

Police assisted EMS on two occasions in the Charlottetown area. A 32 year old male and a 64 year old female were transported safely to the QEH...

Theft From Marks Work WareHouse

March 12, 2010

File Number: 10-261187

Staff from Marks Work Warehouse reported an unknown male had entered the store earlier today and stole $220.00 worth of merchandise. The suspect has been captured on ...more

Domestic Disturbance

March 12, 2010

File Number: 10-260339

Police responded to a domestic dispute in a residential Charlottetown area this morning. A 22 year old female called 991 and police responded. No charges were laid bu...more


March 11, 2010

File Number: #10-253805

March 10, 2010 police received a report from a male who had items stolen from his motor vehicle while it was parked in the Fitzroy Parkade. The items included 2 Ninte...more


March 11, 2010

File Number: #10-253509

March 10, 2010 police received a complaint regarding four youth who were on the top level of the Queen Street Parkade throwing items into passing traffic. Two youth w...more

Motor Vehicle Accident

March 11, 2010

March 10, 2010 police responded to a number of motor vehicle accidents in different areas of the city.

Unruly Male

March 11, 2010

File Number: 10-255088

A local men's shelter requested assistance in removing a male who was causing problems with other residents. As a result the fifty-five-year-old was charged under the...more

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