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February 24, 2010

File Number: #10-194880

February 23, 2010 Police received a complaint from a Charlottetown residence that he was receiving threats via the telephone from a male and female. File is under investigation.

Break, Enter & Theft

February 24, 2010

File Number: #10-194494

February 23, 2010 police responded to a Douglas Street residence where a break and enter had occurred. Suspect(s) had entered the residence and stole a x-box console,...more


February 24, 2010

File Number: #10-192661

February 23, 2010 police received a complaint from the Queen Street Liquor Store reporting a female had stolen product from their store. The theft was captured on vid...more

Tuesday Night

February 24, 2010

Charlottetown Police responded to a variety of calls this evening including occurrences of threats, thefts, and suspicious persons.

Counterfeit Money

February 23, 2010

Police are asking the public, especially business owners, to be aware that there is still counterfeit money being distributed throughout the city. If you should come ...more

Motor Vehicle Collision

February 23, 2010

File Number: 2010-192594

Today police responded to a accident where a transfer truck and trailor had taken out a light standard located on University Ave near the  Irving Gas Station ( north ...more

Two more people identified for passing Counterfeit Money

February 23, 2010

File Number: 10-191560

Charlottetown Police Services Street Crime Unit have identified two more people in connection with the recent passing of counterfeit $50.00 bills.  Charges are expected to be laid today in the matter.


February 22, 2010

File Number: 10-190273

On February 22 2010 at 3:04 PM, police were called to attend the Charlottetown Mall where a male shoplifter had fled on foot. The suspect then got in a 1993 Saturn SL...more

Busy Monday

February 22, 2010

On Monday February 22 2010, Charlottetown Police had a busy day shift with calls ranging from four theft complaints, traffic collisions, traffic violations, and a r...more

Counterfeit Money

February 22, 2010

File Number: 10-189360

On February 22 2010, police received two more reports of receiving counterfeit money from two separate businesses. Police are reminding businesses to be extra aware ...more

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