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February 26, 2010

File Number: 10- 203660

As a result of a disturbance call,  a 30 year old Charlottetown male was arrested. This subject was arrested for intoxication in Public and lodged at the Correctional Center.

Break Enter and Theft

February 26, 2010

File Number: 10-203213

February 26th, 2010 As a result of a call for Break Enter and Theft into a downtown residence during which a large amount of money was stolen. Through investigation, ...more


February 26, 2010

File Number: 10-202400

February 25,Police responded to a theft call at  a local downtown business. Three  female youths entered the business and stole  several items. The youth were located...more

Busy Day

February 25, 2010

Police responded to several calls throughout the day including alarms, motor vehicle accidents, and medical emergencies. Police also responded to several traffic comp...more

Charlottetown Man Arrested

February 25, 2010

File Number: 10-201646

2:45pm  A 39 year old Charlottetown man was arrested for causing a disturbance and being intoxicated in a public place. The man will spend the night in the Provincial Correctional Center.

Phone Fraud

February 25, 2010

File Number: 10-201323

1:35pm A Charlottetown man reports being solicited for his credit card number over the phone by an unknown male claiming to work for LIBERTY INVESTMENTS. Police and P...more


February 25, 2010

File Number: 10-200992

12:40pm  Staff from the Empire Theaters reported a large fight in the parking lot outside the cinema. 7-8 youths were involved. The youths had fled the scene prior to police arrival.

Damage to Property

February 25, 2010

File Number: 10-200597

10:40am A representative from Maritime Electric reported more Graffiti drawn on their building. The Company has been plagued with graffiti for some time. Police are i...more

Warrant of Arrest

February 25, 2010

File Number: 08-863495

In the early morning of February 25th,2010, Police in a routine street  check of an individual,   located a 30 year old  Charlottetown male  that was wanted for faili...more

Unidentified Female Turns Herself In

February 25, 2010

File Number: 10-192661

On February 23 2010, a 30 year old Charlottetown female turned herself into police after being contacted by friends who saw her picture as a suspect on the Charlottet...more

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