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Assist EMS

February 1, 2010

File Number: File#10-114712

5:47pm  Police responded to a downtown residence as a 41 year old male had taken a seizure and was behind a locked door. Responding Officers broke in the door and the ...more


February 1, 2010

File Number: File#10-113909

2:45pm  A 22 year old Charlottetown Woman reported being assaulted at a  local lounge in the downtown area, by a 23 year old local male. Police are investigating the allegations at this time.

Break Enter & Theft

February 1, 2010

File Number: File# 10-112467

8:43am  Police responded to a break, enter and theft from an office in the Civic Center.  The theft occurred sometime between Saturday evening and 8am this morning. A ...more

Break & Enter Suspect Remanded

January 31, 2010

The 24 year old female from the break & enter early Sunday morning was taken before a Justice of the Peace today and remanded into custody until her Show Cause trial later this week.

Typical Sunday

January 31, 2010

Police responded to several false alarms, 2 Motor Vehicle Accidents, damage to property calls, and thefts from Motor Vehicles in the downtown core. Police are very ple...more

Youths Returned

January 31, 2010

File Number: 10-108801

Charlottetown Police were able to locate three youths reported AWOL from a local Group Home. They were subsequently returned without incident.

Break and Enter

January 31, 2010

File Number: 10-108406

A twenty four year old female was arrested and charged for Break and Enter into a Charlottetown residence. The female was discovered in the bedroom of the homeowner wh...more

Snowy Winter Night

January 30, 2010

Inclement weather kept Charlottetown Police busy Friday night dealing with several violations of the city's Overnight Winter Parking Ban. Several vehicles were tickete...more

Disorderly Conduct

January 30, 2010

File Number: 10-105578

As a result of a complaint,Police dealt with a female under the Liquor Control Act. The twenty eight year old female was arrested and charged for being intoxicated in ...more

Impaired Driver

January 30, 2010

File Number: 10-105994

A forty four year old Charlottetown man was arrested and charged for Impaired Operation of a motor vehicle. The male was also charged for failing to comply with a Prob...more

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