Police Reports


Impaired Driver

January 29, 2010

File Number: 2010101826

Charlottetown Police responded to an Impaired Driving Complaint . The suspect vechicle was located  on Capital Drive. The male was later charged with Refusal.


January 29, 2010

File Number: 2010100548

Complaint of Mischief at West Royalty Elementary School. Police are seeking assistance regarding information of grafitti that occurred at the school.  If you have any ...more

Winter Parking Ban

January 28, 2010

Charlottetown Police issued 30 Parking Tickets to vehicles in violation. The Winter Parking Ban restricts vehicles parking on City streets between hours of 1am to 6 am.

Liquor Control Act

January 28, 2010

File Number: 201097721

Charlottetown Police attended Browns Court at 04:00am. An anonymous male reported a large fight at a residence.  When police arrived the crowd had dispersed. One male ...more


January 28, 2010

File Number: 201097558

Police responded to a reported Mishcief call to Kent St at 02:27 am. A amle had been observed smashing a window of a car. Police located the male at the scene.The male...more

Drivers Listening

January 27, 2010

Charlottetown Police checked in excess of 2000 vehicles at check stops in unmarked patrol cars for people driving while using hand held devices. Only seven cars had to be stopped on Wednesday.

EPO Breach

January 27, 2010

File Number: 10-94767

A sixty year old Charlottetown man was arrested for violating conditions of an Emergency Protection Order. He was lodged at the Provincial Correctional Centre and will...more

Police responce

January 27, 2010

 Police responded to several false alarms, a motor vehicle accident , and 2 assist public calls over night.

Breach of the Peace

January 27, 2010

File Number: File#10-93491

12:13am  A 38 year old Charlottetown woman was transported to the Provincial Correctional Center after a disturbance call in the city central area. The woman was lodge...more

Leave The Scene of an Accident

January 27, 2010

File Number: File #10-93126

8:50pm  Police responded to complaint of a blue sports car witnessed in the Great George Street area that struck 2 light standards, a traffic sign, a parked vehicle, a...more

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