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Theft of Gasoline

January 17, 2010

File #10-59109 10:49am  Riverside Mainway Irving reported an adult male driving a white vehicle bearing Island plates, left the station without paying for his gas. Police are investigating.

Group Fighting

January 17, 2010

File#10-58419 3:32am Police responded to Browns Crt for a reported group of people fighting at this location. There was no fighting upon police arrival and several people were told to leave the area.

Altercation call

January 17, 2010

File#10-58142 1:49am  Police responded to the Charlottetown Legion for 2 females fighting out side the club. 2 Charlottetown women were questioned and released.

Saturday Summary

January 17, 2010

Police responded to several false alarm calls and 911 misdials throughout Saturdays shift.


January 17, 2010

File#10-57745 10:15pm Management from Needs on St Peters reported having video of a 25-30 year old male shoplifting from the store. Police are investigating.

Domestic Dispute

January 17, 2010

File#10-57169 8:07pm  Police responded to a domestic dispute in the downtown area. A Charlottetown woman reported being in a heated arguement with her boyfriend and wi...more

Theft from Motor Vehicle

January 17, 2010

File#10-57120 7:54pm  A Charlottetown man reports a theft from his car this evening which was parked in the Charlottetown area. A Garmin GPS system was reported taken ...more

Breach of an Undertaking

January 17, 2010

File#10-57067 7:31pm  Police responded to a 991 call from a local female complainant, of an unwanted female at her door. The Suspect Female had been charged for being ...more

Theft Under $5000.00

January 17, 2010

File#10-57061 7:29pm Police responded to Zellers in the Charlottetown Mall where they arrested 2 young offenders for shoplifting from the strore. Both youths, one male...more

Motor Vehicle Collision

January 16, 2010

File#10-55669 10:17am  A motor vehicle collision occurred at the intersection of Grafton St and Prince St. Again damage was substancial having one vehicle towed .

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