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Robbery - Female Arrested

January 22, 2017

File Number: 20170120

Charlottetown Police Services responded to a complaint of robbery Friday night at One Stop Convenience on Queen St., at Bayfield St. Police were informed that at app...more

Charges Pending For Breach Of No Contact Order While Man Incarcerated

January 19, 2017

File Number: 20170119

Charlottetown Police Services are investigating the breach of a court order prohibiting contact with a victim, while accused was incarcerated at the Provincial Corre...more

Impaired Driver - Man Arrested - Grafton Street

January 16, 2017

File Number: 20170114

Charlottetown Police Services were conducting routine patrols early Saturday morning at 2:30am on Grafton St., and observed a vehicle operating in an erratic manner....more

Theft Suspects - Identified

January 15, 2017

File Number: 20161659695

Charlottetown Police Services thank the public for their assistance in identifying depicted individuals.

Man Arrested For Prohibited Driving And Possession Of Stolen Property

January 13, 2017

File Number: 20170112

Charlottetown Police Services arrested a 31 year old resident of Charlottetown yesterday with driving a vehicle while prohibited from doing so, after a traffic stop ...more

Man Arrested For Assault With A Weapon - Kent Street

January 13, 2017

File Number: 20170111

Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint Wednesday night, regarding an individual threatening a male with a knife on Kent St. Police arrived and were infor...more

Missing Person - Jackson Cole Betts - Located

January 9, 2017

File Number: 20170109

Charlottetown Police Services are reporting that Jackson Betts has been located and is fine.

Man Arrested For Aggravated Assault

January 6, 2017

File Number: 20151223

Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint over the Christmas holidays regarding an assault occurring at a local area motel. After conducting an investigatio...more

Man Arrested For Possession Of Cocaine For Trafficking

January 5, 2017

File Number: 20170105

Charlottetown Police Services arrested a man yesterday for cocaine trafficking after executing a search warrant at a local area motel. Police seized a quantity of ca...more

Man Arrested For Breaching Court Order

January 4, 2017

File Number: 2010104

Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint of an man contacting another individual via social media while bound not to by court order. Accused male, a 23 yea...more

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