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Police Investigating Suspicious Person Files

July 6, 2018

File Number: 2018962090

Charlottetown Police Services is investigating two separate reports of a male making inappropriate comments to females on Thursday July 5th. The first occurre...more

Robbery - Charges laid

June 29, 2018

File Number: 2018916860

Charlottetown Police Services responded to a robbery complaint from a residence on Cooper Avenue yesterday at 20:15. Two suspects, male and female, were repor...more

Impaired Drivers - Charges Laid - Kent Street

June 25, 2018

File Number: 2018885589

While on routine patrol early Sunday morning, Charlottetown Police noticed a vehicle travelling down Kent Street in the wrong direction. The vehicle was pulled over...more

Impaired Driving - Grafton Street - Female Charged

June 18, 2018

File Number: 2018842623

Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint shortly after 3:00pm on Saturday afternoon regarding a vehicle that was travelling on the wrong side of the road. ...more

Flight from Police - Charges Laid

June 12, 2018

File Number: 2018811254

Monday June 11th 2018 (8:45am)- Charlottetown Police Services was on routine patrol when the Officer noticed a suspicious vehicle and verified the license plate. The...more

Impaired Driver - Male Charged - Queen Street

June 11, 2018

File Number: 2018800302

Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint at 2:30am Saturday morning regarding a possible impaired driver that was passed out behind the wheel. Police locat...more

Fraud Alert - Kijiji purchases

June 6, 2018

File Number: 2018771411

Charlottetown Police Services has recently investigated a complaint involving a victim that sent an email money transfer prior to receiving the item that was purchas...more

Residential Break and Enter / Theft from Vehicles - Charges Laid

June 1, 2018

File Number: 2018752244

Charlottetown Police Services has charged an 18 year old Charlottetown man with Break and Enter, possession of stolen property, use of a forged document and theft un...more

Impaired Driver - Male Arrested - Arterial Highway

June 1, 2018

File Number: 2018753830

Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint at 4:30am Friday morning regarding a vehicle on the side of the Arterial Highway running with no one inside. Polic...more

Impaired Driver - Male Arrested - Spring Park Road

June 1, 2018

File Number: 2018752950

Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint Thursday night regarding a possible impaired driver that had backed into a parked vehicle. Police were able to loc...more

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