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File: 20231762816

Have you seen this boat?

On November 29, 2023, Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint of a missing dory.   The actual dory is pictured above, circled in red.  This dory had been tied up at the Charlottetown Yacht Club.   The photo was taken on November 29th by a citizen that wanted to inform the public (via Facebook) that it was no longer tied up, had filled with water and came to rest on shore next to the Yacht Club.   The owner of the dory went looking for it a short time later, but it was no longer there.

It is unclear if the dory got washed away further, sunk due to water intake or if someone may have removed the boat from the shore.

Anyone with information regarding this missing dory is asked to contact police at 902-629-4172 or complete the tip section below.

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