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How do I Request Special Events Policing?

In order to facilitate the planning process, and scheduling demands for special event policing, applications for services must be received in no later then 7 days prior to the commencement of an event.

Timely submission of your application enables the police to provide you with more comprehensive support and advice to enhance public safety at your event. Disclosing accurate information is an important aspect of the risk assessment process that will aid in identifying the number of officers required for your event, and the manner in which the officers will be deployed.

Special Events include:

  • dances,
  • concerts,
  • sporting events,
  • point duty (e.g. marathons or triathlons)
  • movie locations,
  • bank moves,
  • fund-raising drives,
  • security of cash or valuables,
  • parade escorts and crowd control, and
  • any other special event deemed appropriate by the police service.

Applications can be downloaded (click Extra Duty request form for pdf form) or picked up at our Headquarters.

Applicants must also agree too and understand the following:

At the conclusion of the event and upon receipt of an invoice, payment shall be made in full to the Charlottetown Police Services.

Rates of pay are for a minimum of four hours subject to approved personnel and supervisory needs:

  • Constable: minimum four hours $303.74
  • Corporal: minimum four hours $319.02
  • Sergeant: minimum four hours $334.74

Where the approved event extends beyond the original time period, the full hourly rate will apply for each additional or partial hour to each of the participating officers assigned.

That users are responsible and will be invoiced for all fees/costs associated to the duty in the event that cancellation occurs within thirty-six (36) hours of the duty start time.

That police officer(s) attending an extra duty have the right and responsibility to initiate actions to ensure the safety and security of the event and surrounding area. It is further understood that our failure to support such policing functions and actions may result in the immediate or permanent withdrawal of the services of extra duty members.

An extra duty may be cancelled by the duty supervisor in charge where conditions are such that it would be unsafe or hazardous to continue.

The Charlottetown Police Service reserves the right to cancel an extra duty at any time, at its sole discretion. However, when exercising this authority the Police Service will attempt to provide the requesting user with as much notice as possible.